2017 – the year my eye lids were ripped right open

and I saw all the trauma in the world


everybody’s got it

everything alive under the sun

over time

becomes spotted

until it twists your DNA

into an answer

2018 – what is the responsibility of an answer?

“Big Black Box” at Pop Kultur 2017

Our culture of the arts and freedom of expression are under attack. I am collaborating with designer Kelly Tivnan to create Big Black Box. It is an anechoic chamber in which all are invited inside, and to freely exist as one would like. Have dinner, sing a song, say a prayer, sit in silence, get naked, all is welcome inside Big Black Box. Let go of all outside sound, & light and find a secret you’ve been saving and say it. Big Black Box is my first ever commissioned piece, and is in tandem with Pop Kultur 2017. I will be doing multiple performances from inside Big Black Box during the festival. Some information is provided in this link. More details soon.